Custom Made Clothing, Promotional Products, Merchandise

At Hadard, we are passionate and dedicated in producing world leading custom apparel and promotional merchandise whilst delivering a competitive price for our customers in our socially responsible manufacturing plants. We possess strong sourcing and manufacturing partnerships here in Australia, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Whichever the product, shape or requirement, Hadard is your source you can rely on, for development, production and delivery solutions of your bespoke products


China is our strongest and closest sourcing hub.

With two of our direct sourcing offices in Anhui and Guangzhou,
our strengths in strategic product sourcing and production management is second to none.
With our highly skilled, on the ground local staff,  we source the best facility and meticulously manage production, quality, packaging and shipping requirements that exceeds our customer expectations.

  • Garment/Fashion Clothing Production.
  • Custom made Promotional Product and Merchandise.
  • High Quality Bags, Backpacks and Travel Products


In Colombo, Sri Lanka we have strategic partnerships with outerwear, sublimation and fashion clothing manufacturers with progressive production facilities and a highly skilled workforce. Sri Lanka is inherent to over 40 years of clothing production and is one of the largest production hubs for brands such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, Zara, Columbia Sportswear, GAP, Next UK and Australian brands. Local fabric mills and trim factories contribute to competitive prices and shorter lead times.

  • Outerwear Clothing
  • Sportswear Clothing
  • Sublimated Clothing
  • Fashion and Retails Clothing


Our partnering factories are based in Ho Chi Minh City. With backwardly integrated systems and a skilled workforce, production in Vietnam is intentional and product specific. Strengths include production of heavy outerwear garments and denim jean production that require complex industrial sewing and washing standards.

  • Outerwear
  • Heavy and light weight jackets
  • Down jackets
  • Knitwear
  • Denim jeans

We specialize in the design, sourcing, production and distribution of custom made clothing and premium branded merchandise.

We are here to partner with you and help you achieve your goals.