From humble beginnings, we have grown to become a reliable and trusted promotional product, workwear, sportswear, and custom merchandise manufacturing company.

Here are some good reasons to work with us.

Reliable Delivery

Our service times are practical, and we stick to them. We work with reliable partners and follow scheduling systems to enable confirmed delivery dates are met.

We Know What We Do

Our highly experienced staff have many year’s of experience in key areas of design, sourcing and production processes.
We get your product to you with a high assurance of accuracy.

Product Development

Our product and product development knowledge are up to date with current trends and technology. Our Development staff regularly visit trade shows in China and Hong Kong for innovative products sourcing and stronger supplier relations. We are always in touch.

You Are In The Loop

From concept design to pre-production sample approval and delivery schedule, you will be kept informed. 100% customer satisfaction is what we are for.

Competitive Pricing

We are about competitive pricing and value for investment. Cheap and nasty is not Australian.

Customer Service

We owe our success to our customers. The Friendly and passionate team at HADARD is here to help. Call us today and experience a world of difference.






We Bring Your Product Ideas to Life